Ascending Koi Web-14

Ascending Koi Tattoo & Apparel is a new shop bringing a new feel to the tattoo industry. We like to think of our space as an art sanctuary. A safe, calm, soothing, experiential place.


Our Vision

To be recognized as an example/leader in the body modification industry as THE shop to be a part of…either as a team/family member or as extended family/client.

To expand & develop the AK clothing label to further carry our spirit of art & inspiration & positive,  thought provoking messages and imagery into the community.

To reclaim the original meaning of Tattoo as a rite of passage & combine that philosophy with our desire to promote & support social awareness, acceptance & tolerance & carry that forward into the future.

To develop and support healthy relationships & empower people to their reach their dreams, goals & greatest potential.


Our Mission

To providing a safe & welcoming environment, designed to attract artists & staff to provide you with a transformational tattoo experience.

To inspire & create beautiful art & continued relationships with our clients & community.

To show & pursue our commitment to bettering/ participating in local and global community by contributing information, education, inspiration & continuation of progressive thinking and active participation in this, which is our passion.

Our personal passions encompass art, the desire to become further inspired & to instill inspiration in others; to engage people in learning about sustainable living & building community that includes all and is exclusive to none.


Our Philosophy                   

To create an atmosphere of involvement for our clients by engaging & encouraging the client to participate in the development process of their tattoo.

To create an environment that supports critical thinking, conscious awareness, personal and community accountability & inspiration for a more fulfilling life.

To continue to gift our clients & community with a creative and thoughtful mindset in everything we pursue.

To grow and develop in a manner that is conscience of and socially responsible to our community…locally & globally

To maintain a safe & welcoming environment

To adhere to the highest standard of sterilization practices as set out by the CHA & work to institute even higher standards thereby adding to a deeper sense of security and confidence in our clients.

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