Introducing Our New Artist – Kyla Evans


Kyla Evans is a new addition to Ascending Koi but not to art in its many forms.  She enjoys sketching, drawing, painting and her greatest passion is tattooing.   Kyla has been a tattoo artist since May 2013 and she finds herself naturally leaning towards Neo Traditional and American Traditional styles of tattooing.

She has taken several ACAD courses on Illustration and Life Drawing and continues to experiment in various styles of tattooing to improve upon the quality of her work.


Nature, insects and arachnids, and creature-life alike are all extreme passions and Kyla finds herself drawn to illustrate organic matter and experiment with different techniques involving such. Strongly influenced by Neo Traditional style tattoo artists like Noah Moore, Mitchell Allenden, and Mike Moses, inspiration is constantly blossoming and Kyla’s style of tattooing is always expanding.

Kyla believes in making her clients comfortable by ensuring they are completely involved in the process, from their personal input into the design, to their story behind the tattoo, as well as providing them with constant contact and an easy way of open communication for every aspect of the tattoo experience.




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