August Tattoos of the Month

Each month we highlight some of the best tattoo work that our crack-team of AK artists create every day. This is only a small selection of work, so if you’re interested in seeing more art from a particular artist, check out our Pinterest or their Instagram. Enjoy!


Elephant piece done by Erica Cyr


Pair of perching birds done by Erica Cyr


Rural landscape done by Trevor Jameus


Tattoo of little blue flowers done by Trevor Jameus


Butterfly foot tattoo from Trevor Jameus


Baseball glove cover up: the stencil is on the left, and the finished tattoo on the right. Done by Trevor Jameus


Flower knee tattoo done by Trevor Jameus


Streetlamp tattoo done by Trevor Jameus


Monochrome rose cover up done by Trevor Jameus


Freehand tree leg tattoo from Trevor Jameus



Wine splash tattoo done by Trevor Jameus: the marker freehand drawing (left) and finished tattoo (right)


Flowery back piece, featuring a deer, done by Trevor Jameus


Lotus piece done by Trevor Jameus


Here’s where you can check out more work by the featured artists:

Erica Cyr:

Instagram: @ericacyrtattoos

Trevor Jameus:

Instagram: @roveink

Which were your favorites? Which artists’ style appeals to you the most? Let us know in the comments below!

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