Introducing our Newest Artist: Yvonne Koprnicky

“Every stroke of the needle counts, just like every day, every second of your life.” –Horiyoshi

We are proud to introduce our newest apprentice tattoo artist here at Ascending Koi – Yvonne Koprnicky! Our shop is lucky to have such a lovely young woman, an artist with real dedication and potential. Here she is in her own words:


“At a young age I knew I was going to be an artist. Throughout my life, I have redefined the word “artist” in my head a million times over. That may be the most exciting part for me. Tattooing happened randomly; I never really planned it. I studied new media at the University of Lethbridge. Design, photography, and sculpture at the Edinburgh College of Art, and also at the Alberta College of Art and Design. It was, in a way, a five-year detour and education that led to my understanding of drawing, color theory, composition, lighting, and most of all thinking like an artist that I now draw upon every day in my career as a tattoo artist!



Although I do a variety of different styles of tattoo, I am most interested in realism and Japanese mythology. I love the beauty and connection of realism, and the meaning and legends behind Japanese tattoo. I hope to put my own style on both forms and achieve an artistic expression that is both visually interesting and unique. I enjoy the collaborative process of tattoo and being able to help tell a person’s story through the artwork I put on their body. I feel the tattoo is a success when I have achieved a piece of art that has exceeded that person’s expectations. For me, choosing a career in art is choosing a career of constant learning. I am forever grateful for everyone who has been tattooed by me and for anyone who chooses to be tattooed by me in the future.”



Please give Yvonne a warm welcome!

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