AK Social Club: Artist’s Exhibition Was a Success!


The complete AK Crew! From left to right: Jay O, Suzanne Delaine, Callista Gibbens, Rob Sweet, Marie Ferraro, Chiwon An, Jalen Frizzell, Erica Cyr, Trevor Jameus.

What a thoroughly fantastic night! The evening of Friday May 23rd we had our first AK Social Club event over at the beautiful Endeavor Arts Space. The night was a celebration of our multifaceted team of tattoo artists, as well as a hell of a party.


We had well over a hundred guests – a total success!

Everyone from the Ascending Koi team was their – both the artists and the support staff! It was a great meet and greet, getting to know our clients (and friends of clients, and friends of friends of clients), new and old. Lots of familiar faces for sure, but also lots of brand new ones. Thanks so much to everyone that came by – it was so much fun meeting everyone of you!


Erin Meyer showing off some beautiful tattoo work by Erica Cyr.

We had a ton of things planned for the night, and everything went swimmingly. Great music, great food, and drinks to quench the thirst – certainly all important qualities for a party. On top of that, we were displaying a variety of artwork from the AK artist team: Erica Cyr, Trevor Jameus, Rob Sweet, Jay O, and Chiwon An. On three separate TVs, we displayed: photos from our shop photo shoot with Niki from Epic Danger Photography, the best tattoo photos from the artists, and all of our recent time lapse tattoo videos.


Surprise red velvet birthday cupcakes are the best kind of surprise.

About an hour into the night… SURPRISE! All the staff had planned a little birthday surprise for our amazing and super lovely owner, Suzanne Delaine. We love Suzanne, and are always so grateful for all the time, energy and care she puts into Ascending Koi. We would be a family without her!


Trevor Jameus in the process of drawing the first zombie portrait of the night.


The finished product!

Trevor spent most of the night doing live zombified portraits of our three lucky Facebook contest winners. The results speak for themselves! Each winner got to take their personalized piece of RoveInk art home that evening.


Trouble Tiger doing his thing.

We have DJs Molly Fi and Trouble Tiger to thank for the sweet beats. Without them, the evening would have been sorely lacking. Their mixing talents allowed the event to feel classy… without being stiff. Give their tunes a listen and see if you agree!


Beautiful and tasty – the best combo.

Our private chef and caterer did a stand-up job serving up hot, delicious, and truly beautiful hors d’oeuvres. Bravo, my man!

Of course, the main event of the night was the artwork from the AK team of artists. The sheer variety in style and technique was pretty astounding! It became pretty clear, pretty fast just how different each and every artist here is. You can see all the photos from the event, including close ups of all the artwork, right here.


Trevor Jameus


Thanks so much to everyone for making this a night to remember! Our next AK Social Club event is in the planning stages, so keep your eyes peeled…

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