Spring Time Update

Owly Images

Hey friends, things are getting pretty exciting here in AK studios. We’ve been hella busy the past couple of months, and there’s so much planned for 2014! Things are just warming up, both outside and inside the shop.

Coming up soon, we will be at the first annual Calgary Inkcounter Music and Arts Showcase, presented by The Sound Alliance. Inkcounter will be an awesome show complete with live music, tattoos, art, burlesque! Come by and join Chris, Erica and Trevor at the Ascending Koi booth on Saturday April 26th at Flames Central, with doors opening at 9 pm. We’ll be selling exclusive posters and art prints, so don’t be shy! Tickets are on sale now for $20-$25 online at Ticketfly.


The one and only Trevor ‘Rove’ Jameus will, as always, be at the 2014 Calgary Expo that runs from April 24 – 27. Trevor is the co-creator and artist behind the comic Terminals – check it out here!

Not long afterwards, unique artwork from our team of talented artists will be featured at Endeavor Arts Gallery in an art show in May. More specific dates and details to come soon, so watch this space.

Erica Cyr has been interviewed as a part of Abigail Baker‘s Tattooist Spotlight series on her blog! Part One and Part Two have been published so far, but keep on the look out for the third part of Erica’s interview, where she’ll answer questions from the comments section. If you have a question for Erica, leave it right here, and see it get answered on Monday.

In other news, the team and I are working on some very cool in-house projects, including time-lapse videos showing of the artists in action! We’re also working on making art prints and exclusive artist-designed clothing available to purchase. These are in works, but we should have another update soon.

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