Rob Sweet – Mr. Popeye Himself


Introducing the venerable Rob Sweet!


Rob draws much of his inspiration from his skateboarding/urban art background. With some formal training at ACAD and NICAD, he is able to mix real art concepts with an awesomeness not usually seen in tattoo art.

His distinctive Popeye and Bluto hand tattoos, cartoonish representations of dark and light, give a pretty good insight into Rob’s artistic tastes and whimsical sense of humor.


He is a devoted family man with a longstanding love for cartoons which keeps him young at heart, easy going, and not too serious – which you might notice due to his collection of action figures. His passion for comic book art and animation really translates into his unique style. Rob usually has old animated films playing on his TV screen while he tattoos, which is a nice bonus if you’re the one getting tattooed.


Rob looks forward to executing all tattoo styles, and is continually honing his craft. He enjoys the creative atmosphere and mutual support at Ascending Koi. All the artists here work hard to create amazing art, and they’re always up for helping each other out, and supporting one another in continuing to develop each of their unique signature styles.


Check out more of Rob’s work on our Pinterest page right here, as well as his Facebook page right here.

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