Erica Cyr – Refined Arts

Ascending Koi Web-45
Our second Artist Spotlight this month will be on Erica Cyr! For the next week on our Facebook, we’ll be exploring Erica’s work, both old and brand new.
Erica has been an artist and art lover since she was a kid exploring Montreal museums with her mother. As an apprentice for two years at Ascending Koi, Erica honed her skills as an artist. Illustrative and low-brow style, along with etchings, ink, and watercolor art, have been major influences on Erica’s unique artistic style.
She also continues to be inspired by fine art, film, music, and her fellow modern tattoo artists across the globe, especially those who love to experiment and are constantly pushing the envelope. I know a favorite artist of hers is Peter Aurisch, which definitely shows in her work. Her unique and truly original art style is incredible, and I feel extremely privileged to have gotten to watch her style and skills develop over time, and even more so to carry her art on my own skin! I know she feels lucky to work with so many creative and talented artists here in the AK studio.
Erica has, as of last month, graduated from her previous apprentice artist position to junior artist – certainly a promotion she’s more than earned.
A favorite quote of Erica’s would be one of Albert Einstein’s famous phrases: “Few are those who see with their own eyes and feel with their own hearts”. To her, it illustrates her own love of art and the creative process, as well as her passion for sharing art with others.
Check out more of her work on Instagram @ericacyrtattoos, or on our Pinterest gallery! If you’re interested in booking a consult with Erica, give us a call at our studio at 403-276-3066.

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