Chris Campbell – Experimenter Extraordinaire


Chris Campbell

Seeing as we’re just finishing up our Artist Spotlight on Chris over on Facebook, I thought this would be a perfect time to give him a proper introduction to all you guys on our blog! It’s been awhile since our last artist bio, so now is an excellent time to get back in the swing of things. I’ll be posting more introductions more frequently – follow us to keep up with our updates more easily!


Realistic tiger portrait done on the forearm.

Chris is one of the newest additions to the AK family. His has a background of extensive artistic experimentation – always switching his styles to find out what he’s capable of! As an apprentice artist, Chris is always learning and growing. Trying out and eventually mastering certain styles is part of the apprentice journey, but Chris is particularly interested in using as many styles on as many subjects as he can. It’s pretty impressive to see him bounce between realism to trad to neo-trad so easily!


Traditional anchor piece done on Jay’s foot.

At a very young age, Chris learned to sculpt with plasticine which opened the door to all his other mediums: Illustrating, painting, carving, stop-motion clay animation and many others. He’s always had a love of comic books, citing them as an early artistic inspiration – especially classic comic artists, including Todd McFarlane. He has a fantastic imagination, and is definitely very eager to start working on larger and more ambitious tattoos.


In-progress biomech arm piece.

In the spring of 2010, Chris began his journey into the tattoo industry and has been dedicated to the art ever since! Being an “experimenter”, Chris has yet to find his specific style….being so versatile however, is one of his goals in his profession!

From my experiences working with Chris, I’d say one of the most striking things about the guy is his attitude. He’s a lovely, easy-going man with a truly sweet demeanor. Over the course of the last year, I’ve seen his skills refine and improve quite noticeably. I guarantee Chris has a bright future ahead of him in the tattoo biz!


Neo-traditional rose arm piece.

For more work from Chris, check out his Instagram @chriscampbelltattoo and his portfolio on our Pinterest or on Facebook.

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