All Hallow’s Eve Costume Contest

Halloween has ended, and we’ve been forced to remove all severed limbs and spider webs from the premises. It’s always sad to wave goodbye to the spookiest day of the year, but we must move on. And we had some good times while we could! On the 31st most of us here at the shop dressed up, plus we had our first Halloween costume contest, which went even better than we expected! Erica channeled her inner Frida Kahlo (complete with monobrow and flower garland), while Chris and Tim got all good and bloody with pretty gore-ific get-ups. What about me? I was a Super High School Level Gamer girl, of course! Important note: Chris made his own his own mask from scratch!  You’ve got serious competition, Nightmare Factory.


Chris Campbell (on left) and Tim Ashman (on right). The scariest thing in this picture might just be the red bull.

And since we had such a great selection of contest entries, I though I’d post a few of my favorites for you guys. We have some pretty awesome clients!


Jennifer and the whole family all ready to go. Look at those cute kids!


Crystal is as stylishly ghoulish as you can get.


Ronny as Robin the Boy Wonder.


1390647_663645440336762_1974637474_n My personal favorite of the night: Taylor Gaston as an amazing Isaac from Deadspace! And our very deserving runner-up!


Heather Wilson was (as voted by Facebook) our decisive winner, with a very bad-ass zipper-face zombie costume. Not a face you’d want to bump into on the train…

All in all, it was a pretty fun night! We’ll be sure to step up our game even more next year, so we’ll be counting on you guys to do the same. Begin the countdown to next year!

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