October Update


I’ve always felt that October is one of the most beautiful months of the year. It is soft and mild. The world blossoms into warm colors and the air cools to a temperature that promotes sweater-wearing. We’re lucky enough to have our own lovely backyard tree, which has turned golden-yellow and cherry-red. Our resident tree whale is enjoying the view I’m sure.


The other best part of October would, of course, be Halloween. I’ve loved it ever since I was a kid, watching old spooky cartoons on TV, filling up literal pillow-covers of candy, re-fueling with hot chocolate and hot chili between candy runs… there’s a lot of built-up nostalgia there! Thankfully, Halloween doesn’t stop being fun when you grow up. Between horror movie marathons, costume parties, and handing out candy, Halloween is still one of my favorite times of year. And I’m very happy to be here at Ascending Koi to celebrate!

This year we’re going to be hosting a Costume Contest on Halloween – everyone who stops by the shop and wants to participate gets their picture taken and featured on our Facebook page, as well as this blog. The person with the most awesome costume (as objectively decided by our staff as possible) will win a certificate for a free hour of tattooing! If they’re underage, then they’ll win their choice of our amazing AK Apparel line.

We’re gradually getting the shop all decked-out in boo-rific decor, so you guys better watch out. I’ve got an extremely spooky elastic spider from the seasonal section at Target, and it’s gonna scare your socks off. Definitely. There’s a scare-antee on my receipt and everything (scare guarantee… get it?).


Apart from my barely restrained enthusiasm for Halloween, October has been a pretty crazy month for everyone here at AK. About a month ago, we had the honor of adding the very talented Tim Ashman to our artist team. He’s a wonderfully nice dude, with a colorful and diverse portfolio of work. Definitely watch out for more work from him both on our Facebook page, as well as right here. Why not leave him a comment welcoming him on-board? You’re awesome, Tim!


Tim Ashman

Two of our artists, Chris Campbell and Chiwon An, tied the knot! They’re both wonderful and lucky guys and they deserve the absolute best. Congrats friends! Chiwon then went that one extra step and got a full back tattoo from the legendary Shige. What a guy. It’s a beautiful piece, and I encourage you to ask Chiwon to show it off to you of you get the chance.

Just this last weekend Chiwon represented Ascending Koi at the Alberta Bound Tattoo & Art Festival, and had an absolute blast. Hopefully we’ll be going to conventions more in the future, and we’ll certainly let you guys know beforehand if we do!


Chiwon An

I’ll be posting the highlight tattoos of the month later this week, but everyone’s been doing amazing work. I’m always so blown away by how much our apprentice artists, Chris Campbell and Erica Cyr, have grown in skill even just over the last few months. The quality of art they are able to produce is very impressive, especially considering that they haven’t been tattooing all that long in comparison to so many other artists. What a minute…. I feel as if I’m forgetting something….

Oh jeez, of course! Erica Cyr is, as of yesterday, no longer an apprentice! After a two-year apprenticeship, she has graduated to junior artist position, and will also be graduating to a junior artist hourly rate as of November 15th. Way to go, Erica! 😀


Erica Cyr

Phew, what a month! And I’ve got a feeling things won’t be slowing down any time soon. Definitely keep an eye out for more blog content being posted more often, and more regularly. I’m still new to the blogging thing, but I think I’m getting the hang of it. We’ll be continuing to post our artist bio series, as well as a very overdue introduction post from me, your resident blogger. If everything goes according to plan, we may be starting another very exciting post series soon… more info on that later.

What do you think? Are monthly shop updates a good idea? Let us know and leave a comment below!

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