A Few Helpful & Healthful Reminders

Hello friends! After feeling a little concerned about the well-being of a couple of our recent clients, I thought I’d offer up a few reminders. Getting a tattoo is a big deal, in that the experience can be pretty hard on your body. Whether it’s your first time or you’re a seasoned veteran, it can be easy to forget to prepare, or ignore the signals your body is sending.

At AK, we’re all about making the experience a positive one for our clients, which is why we always try to make sure our clients are aware of both preparation and tattoo care. We also try to check in with you guys while your getting your tattoo done, to make sure you’re okay and if you need any support.

But anyway here’s the important stuff:

1) Get a good night of sleep the day before!
This is super important, going into the tattoo process super exhausted or even hung-over is bad. Being tattooed exhausts your body, and if you’re already tired out, it can really take a toll on you. Out of personal experience, I also recommend getting lots of sleep the night after as well. I find it helps with the pain and the healing process.

2) Eat well and drink water beforehand!
Eat something healthy and filling, with lots of veg and other good stuff. Please don’t just eat a bunch of sugar, or drink a ton of pop or even *shudder* energy drinks. You will crash during the tattooing process and it will be much much harder on you than it has to be. Continue to eat well while you’re healing, so your body can heal up properly.

3) Please, if you’re experiencing anything unusually bad (feeling faint or dizzy, nauseous, etc) while being tattooed, say something! You can take a break and rest, get yourself re-hydrated and fed, or maybe even just call it a day. You can always come back and finish when you feel better, no problem! Your health and well-being is the most important thing to us.

I would consider those to be the bare essentials, but if any of you guys have any other advice or personal experiences you’d like to pass on, please post it below in the comments!

I posted this list earlier on our Facebook page and we got a few good responses:


Great advice, it can be so easy to tense your whole body up – which just tires you out much more quickly.


Aw cute I love it. 🙂 Large tattoos or ones in particularly sensitive areas can be really emotional draining, as well as physically. Getting some comfort from a friend or loved one can be the perfect medicine sometimes. Or even having someone sit with you and help take your mind off the pain.

3I… can’t speak for this personally, but it’s certainly an interesting idea. And hey if it works, it works!

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