Block Party Freestyle Jammin’


Maybe I’m a little biased, but I’m beginning to think that Ascending Koi throws a pretty sweet party.

At least, after the 2nd Year Anniversary Party and last Saturday’s block party, that’s been my experience. I think it’s the relaxed, laid-back feel: chilling outside on our surprisingly comfortable couches, listening to some local Calgary hip-hop geniuses, hanging with the AK crew. That comfortable, friendly and free-rolling type feel – that’s what AK’s all about! And we want to reach out to the local community, just give it little tap or maybe even a high-five, and let them know that we’re here.

And I really can’t think of a better way to do that than a party.


We couldn’t have picked a better day to party down either. After a couple of months of rather sketchy weather, Calgary’s really pulled through this August with some serious sun action. Saturday was as perfectly sunny as I’ve seen all summer. And I didn’t even get sun-burned! Truly a miraculous occasion.


Bright and early at 2:00 pm the music started, with some awesome open-mic freestyle rapping with the Jazzlib Collective leading the line-up, along with Jayzen, Twizzie, and Rubix. Jazzlib was amazing – energetic and charming, with some clever word-smithery going on. At one point, they even led the crowd in a stretching exercise, proving how very cool these guys are.


Rebecca Dawn was our amazing MC throughout the party, but did not miss the opportunity to throw down and show off some seriously impressive skills. Personally, I felt she was the stand-out artist of the evening. Definitely added to my ‘Buy This When You have Money’ bookmarks. She was then followed by Jaynova and Mollyfi, with Bass Caravan‘s electro-swing inspired beats ending the evening long after our original end time of 8 pm. As someone who is not overly familiar with the local hip-hop scene, this whole line-up was quite an eye opener. I’d recommend anyone interested in exploring the very deep depths of the Calgary music scene check Rebecca and the rest of these guys out.


One of the best things about parties at AK is that we like to have as many different things going on as we can possibly manage. I mean, it’s more fun listening to live music when you can also get your face painted, eat ice cream, and stretch out on a sofa all at the same time. Right? One of the coolest ideas our event coordinator Marie Ferraro (shout-out to my girl Marie) came up with was the live graffiti art. We got a line-up of local artists (including one of our own artists, Erica Cyr) to create amazing artwork right in front of our very eyes. Even better, we then took those works of art and raised money for awesome Calgary charity group Neighborlink through an online silent auction hosted on Facebook – and we raised over $670!


Everything went so well I can’t wait until our next event, whatever it might be. I think doing more live art would be quite cool, maybe featuring more of our in-house artists as well as other local artists. If any of you guys attended the event, or have ideas about future events, definitely let us know! We’re always interested in hearing feedback directly from our clients and friends. See you guys next time!


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