Vince Wishart Part II

Ascending Koi Web-48

The best way to get to know someone, is to speak to them and listen to them. To get the juicy details directly from their mouth and mind. So I thought I’d ask Vince to write about his life as a tattoo artist, both his past and the future he envisions for himself as an artist and a person:

“The first time I put a tattoo machine in my hand to do a tattoo I was 24 years old – A real late bloomer. However I embraced it in a big way. I was working full-time in my construction business, and moonlighting in tattoos at night… and then eventually every night.


I began my tattoo career at Jokers Wild, my uncles tattoo studio. Finally I was able to give up construction all together and jump in with both feet. I then started at Unlimited Ink with Dave Cousins and Lee Robertson, and of course my uncle, Lil Vic Wojotowicz. My uncle died, and I apprenticed Sheldon who now owns Ghost town Tattoo. I stayed on there for another few years, till I opened up Finesse Tattoo in Airdrie (a name that my uncle used for his first tattoo shop), where I stayed for a few more years. Then I had stints at several other studios like Tattered Wings, Tiki Town, Blood Ink and Steel to name a few. I had done a bunch of guest spots and taken multiple awards.


Aside from tattoo work, I am also a fine artist and have several murals around the Calgary area including my latest one a mural on the gymnasium wall at Fresh Start Recovery Centre. It feels so good to give back. I am also a practitioner of NLP and SIIA. I also study hypnosis, often times using that to numb pain associated with tattooing. I pioneered the “Intentional Tattoo” process which enables the client to access resourceful, empowered states at will long after the tattoo procedure.


After living a life of self-centeredness for a long time, I discovered my greatest joy and fulfillment happens when I can immerse myself in a canvas for a week, month, several months… and to be of service to others, giving them a hand up rather than a hand out. I’m always looking for new and creative ways of uplifting others and getting that out to bigger and bigger audiences. For me, it’s about how spirituality and financial abundance can coexist, as there is no difference between them for me. They are totally congruent.


So I seek out ways to bring this breakthrough of knowledge to others through art, like through our Ascending Koi ‘A-Wear-ness’ sustainable, renewable resource clothing line, so we can carry positive messages to the general public. We will be creating most of our textiles out if hemp, some bamboo, and flax. It’s about sustainable practices all the way through.

I am so grateful to my clients as they are the reason for my success and I constantly seek out ways to gift them back my gratitude as I am a gratitudal maniac. Looking forwards to seeing you again soon!”


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