Ascending Koi Tattoo & Apparel… a Brief History

Ascending Koi Tattoo & Apparel… a Brief History:



The Ascending Koi studio began with a compilation of ideas, mutual passions and spiritual philosophies between Suzanne Delaine and Vince Wishart.

They opened the studio together, and developed a community/family of talented artists & amazing souls to create an “experience” for people in the process of tattoo….to engage clients throughout the process, from the moment they walk through the door to inquire about setting up appointments all the way through till they have their beautiful custom tattoo! We carry the philosophy that tattoo is as much about the process as it is about the final product and seek to build and carry positive relationships with each client! Our intention is to dispel the traditionally negative stereotypes around tattoo and show our commitment to erasing the stigma and building a new perspective around the art of tattoo; for people to better understand that tattoo is evolving into a culture of beauty, acceptance and ultimate creativity shared between client & artist & environment (studio).

In building the studio environment, they felt the drive to expand and reach peoples’ attentions and lives beyond the walls of the studio; this drive has, so far, culminated into the AK clothing line and sub-labels. “We feel and see the world changing around us at such a rapid pace; AK exists to present various challenges we face as a global community, to “lift the veil” so to speak, in effort to raise awareness & to then effectively open the door to solution; to offer possible solution as well through custom, thought provoking, moving & even humorous messages & imagery”.

The AK clothing line has much thought, collaboration & love in its foundation. It was inspired by mutual passions to act in love & care for the human race and our fragile and diverse environment; the desire to find real solution to local & global challenges, to effect a solution oriented thought process in the human race & to excise blame from that process.

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