Who We Are

Who We Are

A tight-knit team of talented artists who bare their souls through art, style and design, is the driving force behind the Ascending Koi name. Co-founders and life partners, Suzanne Delaine and Vince Wishart, as well as the rest of the team members believe tattooing is ‘More Than Just Skin Deep…’

More About Us

They ask that each person be responsible for the energy they bring into the building as they promote an atmosphere of positive energy. The team operates as a family and opens their doors, arms and hearts to the local and global communities in an effort to share personal stories, life experiences and open-minded spirituality.

They believe tattooing is a creative and artistic process that is as unique and original as each individual who sets foot in their studio. They strive to change the typical and negative stereotypes that surround the notion of tattooing to positive symbols and thought provoking messages of Zen-like energy, harmony, creativity, spirituality, philosophy, acceptance and tolerance.

About Our Company

Ascending Koi Tattoo and Apparel is the fruit of the union between life and business partners Suzanne Delaine and Vince Wishart. The studio first opened on June 1, 2011. The couple wanted to spend more time together outside of their home and decided to co-create a foundation to actively share their passions, spiritual philosophies and creative ideas with local and global communities. They also wanted to design a space filled with a strong sense of community that also opened channels for artistic expression.

Meet The Team

Suzanne Delaine and Vince Wishart are both life and business partners. Together they have combined their mutual passions, philosophies, as well as artistic interests to create a unique and authentic tattoo studio. Ascending Koi is the name they have chosen to represent their union as business partners as well as the family of talented artists.
Suzanne and Vince strive to offer an approachable and open-minded atmosphere for their clients as well as local and global communities, especially those who are facing personal struggles with addiction or other hardships. They are implementing a holistic approach to the tattooing industry by encouraging a customized artistic creation as well as a supportive family-like environment. To find out more about Suzanne, Vince and the rest of the Ascending Koi team, click below for full biographies.

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